People who work for and with Evia Retreats have one thing in common. They love Evia as a destination.

Evia is an untouched yet pristine island that is totally different than any island in Greece.

It is the only island that is so close to Athens, the capital of Greece. You only need one hour to set foot and about one more to lie under the sun in a gorgeous beach in South or North Evia.

It is an island that Greeks do not consider it as an island because you do not need a ferry to get across because of the High Bridge in Chalkida (even though there are ferry connections in the northern and southern part of Evia).

It is an island that there is nearly zero tourist interest. Lonely Planet travel guides or similars allow barely 2-3 pages to cover everything about the whole Evia from top to bottom.

Evia is an island Not for the masses.

Unique. Pristine. Untouched.

Like paradise!

People of Evia Retreats are people who were born, grew and have been raised in Evia.

It is people who left and returned back.

It is people who visited Evia and fell in love.

It is people who have Evia deep in their heart.

Please find below more info and details about the People of Evia Retreats.

nikos dimitriou storyteller

Nikos Dimitriou

Story teller, Tourism & Hospitality Master, Logistician

Nikos Dimitriou is currently a tour guide and operations manager at Evia Private Tours and Writers’ Retreats in Greece. He comes from an experienced logistics and operations management background. Since 2012, he has acquired an extensive experience and knowledge in tourism & hospitality industry.

He took a severe career break to go explore full time Africa, Europe and America for 7 years. He has visited more than 50 countries across the globe, he has published two overland travel books and he has managed to create 3 small tourism related businesses in Evia during the COVID19 global turmoil that are currently thriving.

Born and raised in Chalkida, Evia

fred chauffier coahing

Fred Chauffier

Executive Coach, Board Director, Investor, Entrepreneur, Strategy and Business Development

Fred Chauffier is an ICF (International Coach Federation)-credentialed coach (Associate Certified Coach) as well as a CTI (Co-Active Training Institute) Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. He comes from an experienced Board Director as well as an entrepreneur and successful C-Level executive background.

He specialises in board advisory services and executive coaching and mentoring. He has established, grown and successfully exited a number of high-profile private equity organizations, including Duke Street and Axen Management.

More recently, Fred has moved into the business and executive coaching sphere, supporting major organisations in achieving contracts with blue-chip clients, advising on growth strategies and utilising his expert business insights into the development of robust business foundations.

In his personal life, he is a keen photographer and volunteers with artistic-focused charities supporting underprivilege youth in New Orleans.

Fred received his Master of Business Administration from Cornell University.

Claude Shehadi

Creative Mediterranean Chef & Photographer, ex Film Editor

Born in Lebanon, Claude also calls home London and Greece. Lived for years in Boston and New York, US as well.

She is passionate about the history, culture, and aesthetics of food; and its binding effect on people especially in the Mediterranean which is her comfort zone.  

She was initially trained at art school in film and photography but her real cooking school was hanging around her family’s kitchens as a child, picking skills and smells. Over the years, she joined many workshops and enrolled in the Cordon Bleu in Lima, Peru.

She worked as an editor in the British film industry for over 10 years and as an event organizer in the fashion world. Meanwhile she continued to take photos and did an MA in film studies.

In 2007, with her cooking partner and friend Maria Rosario Lazzati, they founded The Libaliano Kitchen, a cooking workshop and blog. The outcome of this meeting is the publication of three books between 2012 and 2015: ‘Lentils’, ‘Chickpeas’ and ‘Beans and Friends’ later combined as a box set.

afendula kaltsidi vegan xalkida

Afendula Kaltsidi

Creative Vegan & Vegetarian Chef

Born and raised in rural Evia. She is an alchemist with herbs, food, plants and people. Since an early age, she has been very connected to nature’s beauty and healing properties and eventually manifested this connection through cooking.

She enjoys combining traditional Greek recipes with vegan/vegetarian ethics to provide nutritious meals for the body and spirit with locally sourced produce. 

Her studies in Thai Yoga Massage, Five Elements & Food detox courses, Craniosacral Therapy with Rosemary, Cupping, healing herbs & ointments, and of course, cooking and pastry seminars, have created a holistic approach in terms of nutrition. 

Not too long ago, she felt prepared to share her knowledge and has been teaching Japanese groups Greek cuisine and culture, along with other cooking workshops in Athens and Evia.

Born and raised in Chalkida, Evia


George Mantasas 

Creative Mediterranean Chef & Pinsa Romana Expert

George is a professional chef with a respectable amount of experience in private dining and restaurants in Athens and Evia.

His major area of expertise is Italian and Asian cuisine.

Since 2022, he has moved back to Aliveri in Evia and has opened a Pinseria offering insanely delicious pinsa romana, fresh pasta and other italian delicacies.

His one and only secret while cooking is to handle everything with respect, work with a clear mind without stress and tension and finally pay extra attention and care to the ingredients.

Born and raised in Aliveri, Evia