Offering a spacious summer terrace, a patio and a bar, Filion Eco Hotel & Suites in South Evia is 15 minutes’ drive from Port of Nea Styra. It has air-conditioned rooms and airport shuttles, 24-hour front desk assistance and concierge service. You will also find massage and a Jacuzzi.

It is situated in the narrowest part of Evia between the Evoikos Bay and the Aegean Sea. This newly built bioclimatic hotel offers you tranquility and privacy with undisturbed views from every point of the Evoikos bay and the eastern coasts of Attica.

The main feature of all apartments is the unprecedented accommodation experience and spectacular sea views! Through the correct temperature, humidity and ventilation created by the bioclimatic construction, combined with an ultimate sleeping experience on handmade mattresses of natural raw materials and a menu of pillows, Filion Eco Hotel offers the luxury you deserve for your vacations.

The Filion Eco Hotel & Suites is surrounded by unique natural beauty. It is in a very short distance from some amazing beaches located both at Evoikos Bay as well as the Aegean Sea and between the two mountains of Evia, Dyrfis and Ochi.

A breath away from the Dragon Houses, the ancient acropolis of Styra with the Armenian Gate and the quarries of the Roman period, it also has easy access to the wetlands of the lake Dystos, the gorges of Dimosari, Agios Dimitrios (Ochi) and Manikia (Dyrfis).

The roadtrip to the town of Aliveri takes 20 minutes. The drive, including a ferry, to/from the Athens International Airport is roughly 3 hours.

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Evia Retreats is both privileged and fortunate to be working with Filion Eco Hotel and having the luxury to organise our retreats in their premises.