Evia Retreats consists of a solid network of certified instructors and coaches, both locals and foreigners.

People of Evia Retreats come from the island of Evia but this is not a restriction if you have the privilege to work with Fred Chauffier for example!

In general terms, we are extremely proud and happy to work together with Nikos, Konstantina, Georgia, etc.

Along with our current thriving team, we are always open to hear from new instructors, coaches, teachers, chefs and professionals in our area of expertise such as yoga, meditation, business/ life coaching and cooking.

We love diversity and differentiation and we come to appreciate people who like to share their wisdom across.

We are open, flexible and open minded.

Thus, we are constantly in search of new ideas and concepts that will end up offering a great service to the individuals who are going to participate in an event organised by Evia Retreats.

If you have some prior experience in teaching or even organising retreats, this would be a plus. If you have never been in Evia before, this is your chance to come visit us and experience by yourself the second biggest island in Greece that remains still an untouched yet pristine location.

If you want to be part of our network and work together, we would love to hear from you.

Please fill up the form and wait to hear from us soon.